13 de abril de 2012

Born to be Wild a dúo entre Ozzy Osbourne y Miss Piggy

Uno de los grandes clásicos del rock es Born to be Wild, un tema de 1968 obra de Steppenwolf, que ha sido versionado por innumerables bandas a lo largo de los años, pero que nunca pierde su vigencia y frescura.

Precisamente, una de las versiones que más me gusta es la que hizo Ozzy Osbourne, donde cantaba a medias con Ms. Piggy, la teleñeco que es una gorrina y está enamorada de Gustavo (una rana, que en el origina les conocida como Kermie). Echadle un oído, porque os digo yo que mola un puñao.

- Kermie!
- Miss Piggy welcome!
- Ozzy Osbourne? Boy did I open the wrong door! I'm sorry to bother vu!
- Oh, Miss Piggy, you're not bothering me at all, stick around we're gonna rock!
- Oh, Ozzy, chill!
- Stick around babe, we're gonna rock the place down! come on!
- Oh, you're going to sing to me?
- Yeah, me and you...

- All right, the opportunity I've been waiting for all my life!
- Ahhh... the frog can wait...
- Come on babe get in here!

Get your motor runnin',
head out on the highway,
lookin' for adventure,
in whatever comes our way.
(Oh that's beautiful)

Yeah darling gonna make it happen.
(Ah ha!)
Take the world in a love embrace.
(Oh yes)
Fire all of your guns at once,
and explode into space.

I like smoke and lightning,
(Oh I do too!)
heavy metal thunder.
Racin' with the wind,
and the feelin' that I'm under.
(Oh that's so sweet!)

Yeah darlin' gonna make it happen.
(Ah ha)
Take the world in a love embrace.
(Oh, Ozzy)
Fire all of your guns at once,
and explode into space.

Like a true nature's child.
We were born, born to be wild.
(Yes, yes)
We can climb so high.
(So high!)
I never wanna die
(Yes, oh, Ozzy yes!)

Born to be wild
Born to be wild

- (Oh, I love the way you move!)
- I wanna see you go wild, Miss Piggy come on!
- (Oh, oh!)

Like a true nature's child.
We were born, born to be wild.
(Oh this is so beautiful)
We can climb so high.
I never wanna die.
(Yes, yes, yes!)

Born to be wild.
Born to be wild.
Hey, born to be wild.
(Born to be wild! yes, yes!)
I was born, born to be wild,
I want to climb so high
(Oh, Ozzy, I'm so high, yes yes!)
I'm never gonna... woooo!

Come on Miss Piggy, come on!
Let's party down boy!
Come on, go crazy!
I loves ya Mrs. Piggy!
(Uh, oh)
I loves ya baby!

- (Would you stop spitting? Ozzy? Ozzy? would you get off the floor? Ozzy?)
- Gimme a kiss!
- (No way, I'm outta here!)

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